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PV mini-grid projects

Ethiopia: EEU seeks to install PV mini-grid projects in 25 towns

The Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the construction and completion of PV mini-grid projects.

Op-Ed: Universal energy access possible through mini-grids, WEF report

At the recent World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa, Caspar Herzberg from Schneider Electric noted that universal energy access is possible via mini grids.
PV mini-grid projects

Bankable green mini-grids for businesses in rural Kenya

Exclusive interview with Rita Nkatha Laibuta, Supervision Consultant: Green Mini-Grids, Kenya Programme, DFID/EU/AFD on targeting over 25,000 connections.
small hydro

Small hydro project boosts mini-grid impact

The award-winning Rubagabaga Hydropower Plant, a 445kW grid-connected, run-of-the-river project located in the Northern Province of Rwanda, has made a very large impact on the...
Energy progress

Energy progress: One mini-grid project at a time

The East Africa power and energy market is an example of how developers, funders, utilities and consumers are evolving and accommodating sustainable solutions. It is...

New partnership to finance 60 mini-grids in Tanzania

CrossBoundary Energy Access announced its first transaction to finance 60 mini-grids in Tanzania in partnership with PowerGen Renewable Energy.

Namibia to boost rural electrification through mini-grid project

IBC SOLAR is supporting Bavarian universities to create a pilot project for expanding the energy supply into rural areas of Namibia.

Mini-grids offer utilities a win-win solution

The rise of mini grids is helping close the energy access gap as opposed to waiting for main grid extension, which often takes longer due to costs involved.

Results-based financing needed to unlock investment in mini-grid development

A group of investors say well-designed Results-Based Financing for mini-grids will accelerate access to electricity and unlock significant private capital.
Tender: Women economic empowerment via energy for productive uses

Tender: Consultants needed to execute solar mini-grid projects

The Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency intends to select applicants for solar hybrid minigrids for rural economic development.
Minigrid report

Mini-grid project to provide electricity to a Zambian village

ENGIE has inaugurated its mini-grid project in the Zambian village of Chitandika benefiting about 1500 inhabitants who had no access to electricity.

DRC: Green mini-grid programme to reduce energy poverty

The DRC's green mini-grid programme, which will see an installation of mini-grids ranging from 3 to 10MW, will directly connect at least 150,000 people.

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