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Rwanda secures $150m to improve access to modern energy.

Partnership delivers solar mini-grids to Nigerian rural communities

Renewvia Energy Corporation has partnered with All On to deploy solar mini-grids to rural communities unserved by conventional utilities in the Niger Delta.

“Mini-grids can electrify thousands of health centres in sub-Saharan Africa”

AMDA's CEO explains why mini-grid companies are "like the Amazons and Teslas of the energy sector", figuring out how to create 600-million new customers.

Pan-African businessman completes 100kW solar mini-grid in Zimbabwe

Philanthropist Strive Masiyiwa has completed a 100kW solar power project at Ndolwane in Bulilima district, through his ‘Re-Imagine Rural’ initiative.

Where do you look to find a competitive mini-grid market?

It is estimated that some 83 million Nigerians do not have access to modern electricity. In response to this challenge, the mini-grid market has taken hold.

Nigeria’s solar mini-grid ambition gains momentum

The Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency and the World Bank have signed a grant agreement with Renewvia Solar Nigeria for the Solar Hybrid Mini Grids Performance-Based Grant.

New funding will aid Nigeria’s REA to deploy mini-grids

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is set to invest $200 million through the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) to boost power supply in Nigeria.

Look to Africa, the mini-grid market is competitive

Exclusive interview on the mini-grid market, with Dr Sanusi Ohiare, Executive Director, Rural Electrification Fund, Rural Electrification Agency, Nigeria.

Mini-grids respond to the real need of easiness of installation

A new report analysing recent developments of the mini-grids market in over 20 African and 11 Asian countries, predicts over 3,000 of new installations.
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Technical Manager: Large-scale Solar Mini-grids

This is not an opportunity for the faint-hearted, an ideal candidate must have 5+ years experience in the project development phases for solar mini-grids.
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Nigeria Electrification Project commissions first solar mini-grid

REA has facilitated the commissioning of a solar hybrid mini-grid power plant in Rokota Community, which falls under the Nigeria Electrification Project.

Do mini-grids have the capacity to build electricity load growth?

Matthew Matimbwi, Executive Secretary of TAREA says too little is being done to grow the demand side of mini-grids to influence consumer behaviour.

Undergrid mini-grids on the cards for Nigeria

A new report has identified undergrid mini-grids up to 1MW can help resolve underserved communities gain access to affordable and reliable power.

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