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Electricity theft on the increase

17 July 2008 - Uganda's rate of electricity theft has increased by 7% this year, up from 31% to 38%, according to energy minister, Daudi Migereko.
Electricity theft

"There is direct theft of electricity. People, especially upcountry, are connecting themselves to power lines illegally. These must be stamped out," he said.

Cable theft costs more than money

6 November 2007 - Eskom has lost US$19 million over the last six months to tampering and illegal connections. Additionally, cable worth US$2.8 million was stolen from the distribution network last year.

However, says Lenny Babulall, Eskom public safety specialist "The effect of electricity-linked criminal activities is alarming. Between September last year and August this year there were 57 fatalities and 159 injuries."

Zimbabwe loses to power theft

24 September 2007 - At least 290 million units of electricity a year are being lost by ZESA due to theft and illegal connections.

In an effort to curb this theft, Lieutenant General Mike Nyambuya, minister of energy and power development, last week presented the Electricity Amendment Bill to parliament.

The bill provides for stiffer penalties for electricity theft and is expected to go through a second approval stage this week.

Electricity for all in Nelson Mandela

17 July 2007 - Nelson Mandela Bay Electricity department, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, is starting to make headway in installing electricity into homes in informal settlements in the area.

At a site visit this week, councillors were invited to see the progress being made by the electricity department, and discuss some of the challenges being faced.

Elwyn Williams of the electricity department noted that “Illegal connections or wires from developed areas to illegal or privately owned sites, vandalism of structures not immediately occupied and incomplete housing projects are some of the challenges they are faced with.”

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