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Analysis: Smart grid facilitates grid flexibility and resilience

Change in electricity consumption patterns during lockdown has put grid resilience to the test but grid flexibility is currently coping with demand shifts.

MENA region remains committed to renewables despite market challenges

The MENA region aims to lower energy costs through renewables despite supply chain disruptions to the commercial model for privately financed power plants.

Twitter engages with top 10 solar power influencers in Q1 2020

An analysis of GlobalData’s Solar Power Influencer Platform, has revealed the Top 10 solar power influencers voicing their views and opinions.

COVID-19 to accelerate solar adoption across sub-Saharan Africa

Lockdown restrictions across various economies within sub-Saharan Africa have the ability to help the region to accelerate its adoption of solar energy.

Chinese solar PV market experiences major downturn

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact, it is expected that China’s solar PV capacity additions for 2020 would fall short by 6.6GW compared to the earlier estimates.

COVID-19 increases risk for UK’s energy sector while India remains stable

In India, research indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a minimum impact on the country’s renewable energy industry.

Exploring the good and the bad of COVID-19 on the energy market

Data analytics company, GlobalData, explores the negative and positive impact of COVID-19 on the energy market in India, Spain, Brazil, Greece and globally.

India’s wind developers face significant downtimes

Wind developers can expect a slowdown in commercial activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the value chain, which will drive up manufacturing costs.

Global nuclear industry shares technique amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The International Atomic Energy Agency is offering diagnostic kits, equipment and training in a nuclear-driven diagnostic technique to detect the virus.

India: Solar power plants running behind schedule due to COVID-19

In India, around 2.3GW of solar plants were expected to be commissioned from June to August 2020, however, COVID19 has caused a delay on these projects.

Component makers face long haul recovery from COVID-19

COVID-19 is expected to put incredible strain on the world’s economy, which will be effectively halted for three months or more.

Change in venture capital funding encourages growth of fintech startups

Analysis of the market reveals how various fintech companies are trying to expand as the sector is stabilising and maturing.