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Senegal: AfDB to review complaints relating to coal plant development

After receiving numerous community complaints, the African Development Bank (AfDB) will soon review compliance eligibility at the $223 million, Sendou coal-fired power plant project, in Senegal, Engineering News reported.

The 125MW project, has raised some concern around an unviable government policy option to operate a coal-fired power plant for Senegal as well as the site location and general impact on the well-being of surrounding communities. Read more…

Senegal: community concerns

The concerned communities have expressed that no ‘fair’ resettlement plan has been discussed and confirmed.

In addition, the Bank confirmed that noncompliance would negatively effect around 1,000 women and seasonal workers that dry and package fish, Engineering News reported.

Engineering news reported :”Following registration of the complaints, the AfDB noted that adequate mitigation measures needed be put in place before the plant became operational by the end of this year, since noncompliance with the involuntary resettlement policy, integrated water resources management and the environmental review procedures for the private sector operations, would harm the nearby communities.”

Benefits of the project

The project, which is being developed on a build, own and operate basis and will supply up to 40% of Senegal’s electricity, will  produce 925GWh/y of electricity. Should it extend into a second phase, it can generate up to 250MW, media reported.

Engineering News explains that “coal will be imported by sea and unloaded at Dakar harbour, from where it will be transported by truck to the coal storage site at the plant.

“The power will be delivered to the national interconnected grid system of Senelec, Senegal’s public electricity utility company. The project includes the development, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of the coal-fired power plant on a 22ha site.”

In addition, the project will extend to include the development of a 1.6km 225kV transmission line that will be a direct feeder from the plant to the national grid. Read more…


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