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Nigeria goes ahead with nuclear ambitions

In West Africa, the Nigerian federal government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Russia for establishment of a multifunctional scientific research nuclear centre in the country.

The MoU was signed by two representatives from both countries, Sergey Kirienko director of Russian Rosatom State Corporation and Erepano Osaisai, chairman and chief executive of Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission, reports Vanguard.

Nuclear added to the mix

According to the media, after sealing the agreement, Osaisai stated that Nigeria’s objective to procure nuclear technology was based on realising that nuclear energy contributes significantly on generating electricity globally.

“Nuclear acquisition has come to stay. It is well-known that it contributes quite a chunk of global electricity,” Osaisai noted.

He continued: “Although Nigeria does have other sources of energy but this about a balanced and diversified energy basket. Nuclear happens to be the one we considered.

The preference is because it is environmentally friendly and leads to better conservation of other resources.”

On the other hand, he also admitted that the nuclear project would be expensive to implement, however highlighting that the cost of not having clean energy as well as adequate electricity would be higher for those who fail to join the fray.

The news comes as last month ESI Africa reported that the Nigerian Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE) stated that the country can’t afford to implement this technology, further suggesting that the nation should instead look into other alternatives, including coal and solar energy.

Babalwa Bungane
Babalwa Bungane is the content producer for ESI Africa - Clarion Events Africa. Babalwa has been writing for the publication for over five years. She also contributes to sister publications; Smart Energy International and Power Engineering International. Babalwa is a social media enthusiast.