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Ivory Coast gas-fired plant gets extension

ABIDJAN- On Monday, temporary power and temperature control solutions provider Aggreko announced a three year extension of its 200MW gas-fired power plant in Vridi, Ivory Coast. The contract extension includes the option to further extend its project by two years.

The plant is an essential part of the country’s day-to-day functioning, gratifying both industrial and domestic power users’ needs. In addition, it will contribute towards the percentage of power supplied to neighbouring countries that are connected to Ivory Coast’s national grid.

Project capacity timeline

-The plant was installed in 2010 with an installed capacity of 70MW

-In 2011 this was increased to 100MW

-In June 2013 the figure further increased to 200MW

Aggreko farm

Ivory Coast has an increased energy demand due to consistent economic development and a GDP growth of 9%.

Amidou Traore, Director General, CI-Energies said that the facility is key to the country’s industrial sectors, ensuring reliable power supply to its users.

‘The 200MW is an important component of our energy generation mix and helps us maintain supply to our customers while we develop our long-term infrastructure programmes’.

With African economies booming, it is crucial to have a reliable, affordable and sustainable power supply. The increase in demand has impacted the generation, transmission and distribution networks across the continent as the infrastructure, among other factors, is unable to keep up and meet demand.

By installing facilities such as the Agrekko plant, as an interim solution, energy supply remains uninterrupted— keeping the economy afloat while decision makers improve the conditions at the existing state utilities.


(Pic Credits: Supplied by Aggreko: Aggreko Power Plant in Abidjan, Ivory Coast)

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