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Solutions for secondary plant automation

smartgridcontrolCase study: smart grid enabled automation and control solution with advanced protection at a substation and wind farm. CONCO Energy Solutions (CONCO ES), a secondary plant solutions provider, has expanded its product range in order to meet the growing demands of secondary plant automation in the industry.

In the past year, CONCO ES completed a number of projects, including thirty-nine 40-foot container powerhouses for a solar project, power plant controllers for wind farms, and a facility SCADA solution for a solar farm.

Another project, at a wind farm, consisted of implementing a fully integrated smart grid enabled automation and control solution with advanced protection using IEC 61850, intelligent Human Machine Interface (HMI) responsible for motoring and controlling the substation and wind farm.

An automatic backup system, integrated security and surveillance system, using video over IP, was added for increased safety. The work included advanced IT infrastructure with highspeed satellite broadband communications, telephony using voice over IP, role based remote engineering access, cyber security policies and procedures, as well as email, SMS notification for rapid response and power restoration.

Systems control for a smarter grid

Utilities throughout the world are leaning more towards complete smart grid systems, enabling integrated solutions on all new projects. CONCO ES is able to supply services, such as control centre applications, telecommunications, SCADA/automation, and smart grid applications, which are mandatory requirements for the next generation smart grid.

The SCADA/automation team at CONCO ES is skilled in the design of multi-vendor substation automation systems using IEC 61850 and advanced substation gateways. Experienced in designing intelligent HMI systems for substations, facilities SCADA and implementing plant control solutions for renewable energy projects, the team is able to facilitate grid code compliance, manage grid integration for renewable energy projects, and provide multiprotocol support.

Telecommunications experts in the team are able to implement secure industrial networking solutions using routers, firewalls and managed switches for substation automation. This includes the design and commission of telecommunications access and transport networks for power utilities using multiplexer devices, GPRS/3G/ LTE, satellite, and digital radio. They are able to provide secure VPN connectivity to all customers anywhere in the world for remote engineering access, as well as design and commission Wide Area Networks (WAN) for power utilities using…

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