By Emmanuel Akromah, technical director of NURI Telecom SA (Pty) Ltd

Utility companies need to continue to remain financially healthy and viable to deal with the challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. Securing the revenue from the various services that the utility companies provide to their customers in a timely and accurate manner is fundamental to keeping their strong financial position.

The AiMiR system assists utility companies to achieve this goal. The AiMiR system also provides a definite solution to overcome problems of inaccurate billing and loss of revenue to utilities, and secures the financial position of utilities. This solution is redefining utilities’ financial management.

The AiMiR online prepaid system consists of the AiMiR prepaid smart metering system (PSMS) and the AiMiR vending system (VS). The smart meter communicates with the data concentrator unit (DCU) to send reliable and secure data over the RF or PLC mesh network in the last mile. In the wide area network (WAN) area, the DCU and AiMiR head end collect the energy usage over mobile network calculations based on the usage and the tariff structure is made at the head end. A scheduler checks the balance of the charged amount every hour. In the situation where there is insufficient credit left on the account, electricity supply is automatically blocked.

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