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Protection testing solutions in times of new technologies

By Thomas Schossig, who works as a product manager at Omicron Electronics.

The power industry faces many challenges. The continuously increasing complexity of power grids, growing demand, and the need for greater reliability, efficiency and environmental sustainability call for new technologies and solutions. Research institutions, governments and the power industry in numerous regions agree that smart grid technology and the integration of renewable energy resources could be the answer in tackling these challenges.

This also applies to Africa, where the discrepancy between the availability of reliable and affordable electricity and anticipated future power demand can be observed. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that Africa’s electricity consumption will reach 1,020 TWh by 2030. Although the continent possesses abundant renewable energy resources, only a small percentage of these are being exploited. According to the World Energy Council (WEC), energy resources in Africa are characterised by gas and oil reserves in north and west Africa, coal in southern Africa, and hydroelectric potential in central and eastern Africa.

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