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PCA2 – On-Load Protection Condition Analyser

The PCA2 is a complete substation protection performance evaluation and recording system. It tests a number of elements of the protection system. Its advanced software-controlled current source can inject a precise current into the relay whilst the system is on-load. The critical ‘first-trip’ of the relay and circuit breaker can then be captured and automatically analyzed.

Megger PCA2
It is well known that relays and circuit breakers can become sluggish after long time of inactivity. The ideal way to test any protection system is to simulate the precise conditions that occur during a fault on a previously undisturbed system whilst simultaneously recording its performance. Performing such a test, first trip, on a system that has not operated for a long time then yields very useful data as to how the system would perform given a real fault.Traditionally the different protection system parts (relay, breaker, tripping supply, etc.) have been tested individually with the circuit first being taken off- line manually. Modern maintenance strategies call for efficient and minimally intrusive methods that can provide a computerised record of the performance of the entire protection as a complete system and with the least outage time.

The PCA2 also records the tripping supply and trip-coil current profile and additional voltages/contacts/currents as desired. The unit automatically analyses this information to extract data on many aspects of breaker and overall protection system condition. As well as performing a complete system test, the PCA2 can be used for testing over-current relays and circuit breakers individually. It can also be used for analytical studies on many other protection systems, both on and off-load. The PCA2 is a key tool that enables a truly cost-effective Reliability Centred Maintenance Program (RCM) for substation protection.

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