Toshiba EGLA

Why EGLAs are a smart solution for stable power supply

With increased environmental considerations, power line designers turn to concepts such as Externally Gapped Line Arresters (EGLAs) that reduce the footprint of structures while fortifying networks to perform at the highest level of reliability.

Is there renewed hope for biogas projects in South Africa?

Amongst the South African government's strategic objectives to achieve the prevention of waste is the diversion of organic waste from landfill through composting and the recovery of energy.
gas senegal

Commentary: Senegal’s gas supply – slowed but still strong

With new gas discoveries and the laws regulating the oil and gas sector, most forecasts predict Senegal will exceed economic expectations.
productive use of energy

Productive use of energy: Enhancing green growth

EEP Africa outlines, through various business models, that for energy access to stimulate economic development, it needs to be combined with efforts to develop productive use and income generation opportunities in rural communities.
Africa opportunities

Appetite for Africa: Uncovering new opportunities

During 2020, specialist insurance broker BPL Global found 82 new policies where the “country of risk” was in Africa, with an aggregate limit of $2.4 billion.
coal energy transition

Answers to the question of coal in the energy transition

Three experts from different fields debate the role of traditional power generation in Africa's energy transition where the least cost option will be coal for a while to come.
engineering training

How to improve engineering training in the face of 4IR advances

The 4IR is disrupting every industry and profession, engineering included. The solution is to renew the education and training ecosystem.
Nigeria's metering progress

Reflecting on Nigeria’s metering progress

How is Nigeria's metering market faring after implementing several metering programmes such as the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) Regulation?
Africa's energy

Africa’s energy tales in a post-COVID-19 world

In 2020, the story of Africa’s energy progress took a turn for the worse and without concerted effort, this tale could have a surprising twist where cross-sectorial policies and investment play leading characters.
sustainable businessRoof space is not wasted thanks to the solar panels in Zanzibar. Source: Verde Hotels

Taking notes from a greening sustainable business

Smart cities and municipalities can learn much from the integrated green principles and practices undertaken through an eco-friendly business model.

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