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Multifunction system for transformer and substation testing

The TRAX multifunction test set is a high efficiency, high accuracy and high performance solution.

Transformer and Substation Test System (TRAX) is defined as a multi-functional test set solution, for transformer and substation testing, writes Marius Pitzer, regional sales and applications manager at Megger Limited.

TRAX is a balanced system addressing the demand for a single product/test system capable of performing multiple tests. The test system replaces numerous individual testing devices thus making testing with TRAX a timesaving and cost-effective alternative to conventional measurements that use separate instruments. The solution minimises learning time as well as minimising testing time, resulting in maximised efficiency.

TRAX is a unique test system for testing power transformers, CTs, VTs, panels, circuit breakers and protection relays. Providing high output current and voltage with a wide adjustable frequency range, TRAX can be used with an integrated touch-screen or external computer device with web browser. The compact design allows the TRAX to be shipped in its transportation case within the limitations of airport check-in luggage.

These variable levels of voltage and current can be generated and measured with high precision, allowing TRAX to be used for a wide range of applications including, and not limited to: turns ratio, excitation current, winding and…

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