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In depth: Some heroes don’t wear capes – SAEE Awards

The Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) celebrates the ‘energy super heroes’ who are saving the world 2014 SAEE Banquet best dressedby saving energy

In his opening address at the SAEE Convention, Karel Steyn the SAEE president reminded attendees that nine years ago, in years of energy abundance in South Africa, energy efficiency was not a frequently talked about topic. He highlighted the changing landscape, drawing attention to the fact that ‘no business will survive by always channelling these ever increasing energy costs through to their customers. Finding alternative solutions should therefore be a normal part of business sustainability and management activities – hence, business efficiency must include being energy efficient.’

The energy newcomer and lifetime patron share a common goal

Ensight Energy Solutions, winner of the Energy Newcomer Award, partners with large industrial energy users to deliver energy cost savings through its flagship Energy Leadership Programme. This approach entails Ensight becoming the energy management business unit within the client’s operation. With almost a decade of expertise, the Patron of the Year Award winner…

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