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In depth: Skills development and biogas are changing lives

The shift from CSR to CSI underlines the desire of a company to go beyond just ‘feeling good’ (CSR) and improving its image to actually ‘doing good’ (CSI) by being fully invested and committed to a community.

The ESI Africa team is privileged to introduce you to our new regular CSI feature that will explore the growing number of projects in the corporate social investment sphere. These projects deserve their space in the sun as they have a direct or indirect positive impact on delivering utility services that are set to improve the living conditions and employment opportunities in Africa. These projects include (but are not limited to) skills development, localisation and socio-economic development.

Nordex education trust delivers more than a set curriculum

Nordex South Africa, a subsidiary of German wind Manufacturer Nordex, has established the Nordex Educational Trust, an initiative to uplift communities who are previously disadvantaged as a result of political struggles or health issues, by facilitating basic and advanced skills development to drive social integration. Anne Henschel, managing director and trust member, said in a statement that ‘the Nordex Trust’s focus is on educational initiatives that build local capacity and broaden the understanding of the renewable energy sector in historically disadvantaged communities where Nordex operates’. The trust is diverse, involved with various organisations and projects. In July 2014 the trust allocated €18 000 towards…

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