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In depth: Eskom Koeberg Supplier Development and Localisation

The nuclear supply chain legislative and regulatory framework is constantly being revised in view of global lessons learnt, which includes events such as the Fukushima incident. In view of this it is vital to stay informed on the requirements to provide services and products in the nuclear industry.

Koeberg nuclear power station ranks amongst the safest of the world’s top ranking PWRs (pressurised water reactors) of its vintage. In March 2001, Koeberg was awarded NOSCAR status, the grading for safety performance that acknowledges excellence in occupational Safety Health Environment and Quality (SHEQ), for the fifth time by the National Occupational Safety Association (NOSA).

The nuclear industry is a ‘world family’ governed by an international body, the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA). It is a dynamic environment and its members strive for continuous improvement, driven by institutions such as the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) and the Institute for Nuclear Plant Operators (INPO). Koeberg is an active participant in these programmes, and frequent audits are performed on Koeberg. Major events such as nuclear accidents will compel the industry to reassess its current design, plant status, and practices, and realign to include lessons learnt. Koeberg too has mandated a programme of realignment following the Fukushima Dai-ichi incident. South Africa is a member state of the IAEA, which means that we adopt the international safety standards and practices as applicable and relevant.

Several regulations of the South African National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) are founded on those of the United States National Regulatory Commission (USNRC), and South Africa therefore compares favourably with international best practice. All countries wanting to participate in any nuclear activity shall conform to IAEA guidelines. African countries have limited or no nuclear facilities, and those that do, have poor nuclear regulatory experience due to limited exposure. South Africa is the exception….

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