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In depth: Empowering utilities and consumers to take control of energy

smargird-controlblockIn recent years, Demand Response (DR) programmes have garnered interest and attention in the electricity industry, as they allow utilities and municipalities to manage the equilibrium and cost of energy systems and ensure continued reliability of generation capacity.

The emergence of new cost effective technologies appears to make the process of responding to emergency periods (load shedding) easier and therefore more palatable to most consumers.

Extending intelligence to customers

Achieving utility business transformation requires evolving the relationship between the utility and consumer into a rich collaboration. It is with these challenges in mind that Itron developed its new Itron Riva distributed intelligence platform; a technology platform that empowers the utility to make decisions and respond to changing conditions in real-time. By extending intelligence throughout the network, Itron Riva brings new approaches to solving today’s critical challenges in grid operations.

Itron Riva transforms the utilities’ demand response events by averaging the target load reductions within specific metered populations to achieve the event goals. The distributed intelligence of Itron Riva segments meters to enable surgical reductions in demand, based on individual customer profiles and their ability…

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