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EZ-THUMP 4&12kV Cable Fault Locator

MeggernewThe New EZ-THUMP series of portable Cable Fault Locator system provide safe, efficient and extremely easy-to-use solutions for quickly identifying, prelocating and pinpointing various types of cable faults over a wide variety of power cables. 4kV and a 12kV models are available, the 4kv version satisfies the steadily increasing demand for full fault location capabilities on lower and medium voltage networks as well as on street light circuits, which are gaining importance due to public safety concern

These fully integrated systems being lightweight and both battery and AC line operated feature a unique and intuitive user interface, giving them a distinct performance and operation advantage over the available competitive equipment.

These compact, portable fault locating systems offer; DC testing up to 12kV (model dependent), breakdown detection, insulation measurement and sheath testing. With the optional instrument “ESG NT” sheath fault location can also be undertaken.

Prelocation using the 4 or 12kV ARM® and TDR modes are available to the operator, as is pinpoint fault location using the 4 or 12kV 500 joules surge generator in conjunction with the Digiphone Plus Pin-Pointer.

These units incorporate the “E-TRAY” technology, a concept that adds several capabilities to automate the normally practiced method of operation, through a unique and intuitive user interface.