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Emergency Power: What are the alternatives when conventional power runs out?

emergency-picIn both theory and practice, a mobile generator is the most efficient solution for short term emergency power as it is easily moveable, has a relatively quick installation time and power generation is almost immediate once in operation.

However, the downfall is that the feedstock needed is generally a heavy fuel oil of some sort which is expensive and a contributor to CO2 emissions.

Most people associate emergency power with diesel which is expensive and rich in CO2. But new technology and natural resources are transforming this type of support power into an economically viable alternative. Power vendor companies have started factoring in the challenges which prevent easy access and running of emergency generation systems. For instance, in 2012, GE launched a mobile gas turbine generator with the potential to generate 31MW utilising either natural gas or liquid distillate fuel, a cheaper and cleaner fuel source than diesel.

New developments in technology open up windows of opportunity for power-needy facilities which are located in remote and marginalised areas.

In a KPMG report, the Sub-Saharan Africa Power Outlook, it is noted that sub-Saharan Africa’s power sector needs to a) increase and sustain security of supply of electricity b) promote economic growth c) build investor confidence and d) be conscious of the environment in which they operate. Therefore installing and/or connecting to a temporary emergency power system is crucial to…

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