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Electric utilities’ IT infrastructure

Undeveloped electricity infrastructure is known to be one of the strong barriers to economic growth in African countries. Electrification rates and electricity consumption of countries have a direct relation to their economy.

As shown in Figure 1, Low and Middle Income countries (LIC & MIC) in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) have lower access to electricity and consequently have lower consumption compared with other parts of the world. Existing electricity networks are not reliable. figure1Frequent outages, unreliable networks, low power quality and other factors impact customers and force them to find alternative electricity. To solve these problems, utilities should recruit efficient systems (hardware and software). Suitable systems that help utilities in this regard are Distribution Management, Outage Management, Meter Data Management and Meter Data Collection, Asset Management, Field Device Management, Customer Relationship Management and SCADA. These systems can help to:

• Increase electricity reliability;
• Decrease frequency and duration of customer outage;
• Decrease demand through demand side management;
• Reduce the cost of grid operation, maintenance and expansion;
• Reduce electricity generation and delivery cost;
• Increase utility revenue (decrease system losses);
• Introduce a new line of customer services.

Hexing; after working with utilities around the world and implementing different types of systems and solutions, offers a wide range of of IT systems to utilities and helps them to manage their challenges as explained above.

Meter Data Management (MDM) System

Hexing MDM provides a comprehensive solution for utilities to integrate electricity, gas, heat and water metering data in one intelligent platform and solve interoperability problems permanently. Hexing MDM unifies and streamlines the total process of meter data collecting from different smart metering systems, validates, estimates and gives the operator the ability to…

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