Utilities worldwide are increasingly operating in a ‘meter-to-grid’ mode by utilising smart meters as grid sensors and applying analytic applications – usually operating in the utility back office – to sift through this tsunami of data and gain new insights to improve grid operations and energy delivery.

There are however limitations to this approach to analytics. The latency of the collected smart meter data, the inefficiency of bringing all the data back over the network for post hoc analysis, and the inability to act on it in a timely manner – limits the grid operations value that the data smart meters generate. This is particularly true for smart grid use cases that involve near real-time decision making about the flow of power, connecting and disconnecting things, and the coordinated interaction of assets and devices at grid’s edge in response to rapidly changing grid conditions.

It is with these challenges in mind that Itron developed its new Itron Riva distributed intelligence platform; a game-changing technology platform that empowers the grid to make decisions and respond to changing conditions in real-time.

By extending intelligence throughout the network, Itron Riva brings new approaches to solving today’s critical challenges in grid operations and delivers four core capabilities that enable this new approach to grid applications and analytics:

  • Adaptive communications technology: Itron Riva fundamentally changes the game for grid communications. It does this by intelligently and continuously choosing the best communication path (RF/ PLC) and frequency modulation to optimise network reliability, performance and cost.
  • Locational awareness: Itron Riva-powered devices always know where they are in relation to distribution system assets to provide unprecedented confidence and….

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