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Cable test and diagnosis: The next generation all-in-one system from Seba

Network operators can now get faster and significantly more reliable information about the quality and the condition of their cables. This is made possible thanks to the brand-new 50 Hz Slope Technology from Megger’s SebaKMT division. TDSNT

Never before has it been possible to immediately locate faults in underground cables during actual partial discharge (PD) measurement. This is set to change with the 50 Hz Slope Technology where a withstand test with VLF cosine-rectangular voltage (VLF CR) and PD diagnosis with damped alternating voltage (DAC) is combined. This combination allows an efficient and integrated solution for precise inventory of the network infrastructure. The important fact here is that the PD measurement data, gained with the VLF CR or with the DAC test voltage, can be compared directly with the 50/60 Hz network voltage. This facilitates reliable decision making using one unit.

TDS NT consists of a multifunctional, compact voltage source and a PD detector. It can be used to test cables according to the international standards, such as IEC 60502-2 and IEEE 400.2 with VLF-CR. In addition, a PD diagnosis using the new 50 Hz Slope Technology, can be performed simultaneously with the help of the PD detector. Alternatively, the TDS NT can also be used for PD diagnosis with the proven damped AC voltage (DAC).

In practice, the PD diagnosis has been established nationally and internationally as an effective method of measurement. It is especially useful for commissioning testing, as it is the only way to reliably…

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