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Active cooling for maximum yields

As beneficial as intense solar irradiation is for the photovoltaic industry, rising heat places heavier demands on central inverters used to produce clean current for millions of people in the hotter areas of the globe.

They are not only required to work at the highest efficiency possible but are also expected to function reliably and faultlessly for the duration of operation. Here, cooling systems play an important role.

There is a high risk – due to overheating – that sensitive components within the inverter will begin to behave differently leading to their eventual breakdown. Anything from short-term failures to a complete system standstill bringing about high losses in yield are only some of the consequences faced by PV power plant operators and investors in photovoltaic projects.

An intelligent and reliable cooling system is a decisive factor when it comes to investments in central inverters, especially in regions characterized by extreme ambient conditions. For example, in the varying climate regions of South Africa fine dust particles stirred up by sand storms place an additional burden, apart from the effects of the extremely high temperatures, on the central inverters in PV power plants. Millions of people in South Africa……

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