On the aef 2020 agenda: SDG7 and impact of energy investment

Innovative sustainable energy solutions are being developed right now in Africa, but what role could or should Africa play in achieving SDG7?
Power Africa

Interview: Beyond generation to delivering power to consumers

Under the Power Africa 2.0 strategy, launched at the 2019 edition of the Powering Africa Summit, transmission and distribution will be prioritised.
Energy transition

New identity: Strategic move taps into energy’s transition

After 44 highly-successful editions, Middle East Electricity has evolved into Middle East Energy in 2020, a strategic move to tap into energy transition.
Middle East energy

Renewables rise to the top of Middle East’s energy agenda

The Middle East’s energy and utilities sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, with the shift towards renewable energy and digital innovation at the heart of ambitious energy diversification programmes.
African Utility Week

A word of advice: Powering ahead with 20/20 vision

Powering ahead with 20/20 vision - the African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa conference and exhibition is ready to broach trending topics.
grid evolution

Small country, big plans: Portugal’s response to grid evolution

Portugal is taking the lead again in grid evolution, in October 2019, it brought forward a deadline for closing its last coal-fired power plants to 2023.
Grid reliability

Grid reliability in SSA is a neglected gem

In many sub-Saharan African countries, urban access rates are relatively high – and in these settings, the primary issue is poor grid reliability.

Safety measures to consider where offshore work is concerned

The rising number of global energy offshore projects is enough reason why safety should be a top priority of any company involved in this space.

Five actions within your budget to maximise system performance

Small and medium sized utilities share a common need with larger utility companies…to minimise costs and maximise performance.

Analysis: Global coal power set for record decline

After decades of near-uninterrupted growth, analysis suggested global electricity production from coal was on track for a record fall in 2019.

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