Vuyo Matiwane

VUYO MATIWANE on drawing South Africa’s wind and solar map

In an exclusive interview, Vuyo Matiwane, grid manager at BTE Renewables, shares that testing and commissioning can be a challenging time as it is the most critical part of the project.
Anil Saboo President of IEEMA

ANIL SABOO: The President of IEEMA on India’s connection to Africa

Anil Saboo, president of IEEMA, shares that the Indian power sector is undergoing a significant change that has redefined the industry outlook – a scenario that can benefit the African region.
Olusola Lawson

OLUSOLA LAWSON on financing renewable energy markets

During a conversation with ESI Africa, Olusola Lawson addressed financing Africa’s post-COVID-19 recovery and the factors hindering renewable energy market growth.
Oghosa Erhahon women in energy

OGHOSA ERHAHON: Less funding, no problem! Just be prepared

We caught up with Nigerian-based Oghosa Erhahon to find out more about her belief in volunteering, the meaning of digitalisation. and changes in funding the African energy and power market in the years ahead.
Kaizen energy

Applying Kaizen to the energy space

How can Kaizen, the Sino-Japanese word for improvement, be applied more rigorously and more effectively throughout the power and energy industry?
Nigeria agribusiness

Nigeria: Where solar power meets agricultural markets

The agribusiness sector is constantly innovating, constantly doing things that will improve it, make it better, and solar drying systems are just the beginning states Habiba Ali from Sosai in Nigeria.
Sulana de Jager

SULANA DE JAGER: the power behind a women-run solar plant

"Even though the renewable sector embraces equality, it is still hard work," shares Sulana de Jager in an exclusive interview with ESI Africa on being a woman in the energy sector.
Leona Smith

LEONA SMITH heads up health and safety compliance for wind farms

"You can often find me in a turbine or inspecting a substation," said Leona Smith in an exclusive interview with ESI Africa on being a woman in the energy sector.
women in energy podcast

Podcast: Mandy Rambharos on Eskom’s new Just Energy Transition office

We spoke with Mandy Rambharos, General Manager: Just Energy Transition office, Eskom about the energy transition in Africa.
wind hydro tanzania

Talking points: Hydro and wind duo strengthens customer base in Tanzania

Interview with Mike Gratwicke, MD of Rift Valley Energy, which built and operates a hydro and wind hybrid distribution network in rural Tanzania.

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