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Webinar broadcast date: Tuesday 23 March 2021 

07h00 New York | 12h00 GMT | 12h00 London | 13h00 Amsterdam | 14h00 Johannesburg | 17h30 New Delhi | 20h00 Singapore | 23h00 Melbourne 

The National Sanitation and Water Masterplan for South Africa spells out different ways the country can reduce its water demand and ramp up its water supply while staying cognisant of climate impacts, between now and 2030.   

These include exploring groundwater options; using desalination to increase the water supply; encouraging industrial and domestic water re-use; and addressing non-revenue losses such as water leaks and inefficient billing structures. 

Much of the responsibility for turning the measures into action devolve to local authorities and municipalities. Case in point would be using desalination for large scale water procurement in coastal areas. 

How would this work though, when municipalities do not currently employ personnel skilled in running desalination projects? These developments also call for the type of long term debt financing which municipalities struggle with unless National Treasury can step in with a sovereign guarantee. 

What does this mean for South African municipalities already battling to cope with service delivery expectations?  Here’s what speakers will discuss: 

  • How does a municipality establish that desalination is the correct path for it to choose? And, where does the existing water authority fit into the decision making process? 
  • What are the risks involved in establishing a desalination plan and how do you derisk the exercise? 
  • What are the funding options for a municipality undertaking a path of desalination? What are the opportunities for the private sector to get involved and how do these tie into infrastructure planning up to 2030? 
  • How much desalination is planned for in the national water infrastructure plans up to 2030? 

Join us for this webinar on Municipalities & Desalination at 14h00 SA time on Tuesday 23 March. 


  • Dawid Bosman, Senior Manager, Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority, South Africa 

Moderator: Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl, Editor, ESI Africa