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In Cape Town, South Africa, residents and businesses are implementing water-saving strategies to reduce their impact on this rapidly decreasing municipal resource.

Water augmentation has become a hot topic of late, as many industries and the city are exploring viable solutions and methods of extracting water in a sustainable and affordable manner.

In a radio interview with Channel Africa, ESI Africa editor, Nicolette Pombo van Zyl, explains how water efficiency is fast becoming a priority at decision-making level.

“With everybody working together, we have been able to see that it is manageable and we can actually reach the usage target [set by the City of Cape Town], which is 550 million litres of water per day.”

She added that any industry that requires water is being impacted in the City of Cape Town and surrounds.

The city’s newly proposed measures for 2018 currently under consideration for implementation to maintain water supplies, include:

  • Introducing punitive tariffs to target water abusers
  • Futuer implementation of demand management devices and flow restrictors
  • Sever pressure management that may disrupt water supply

With the dam levels constantly being monitored the city’s deputy mayor yesterday reported that Day Zero has been pushed back to July 9 from June 4 due to a decline in water usage.

In the event that Day Zero does arrive, the water reticulation network will be turned off to 75% of the city and residents will have to collect water from points of distribution.

To help address the topic of water solutions and the way forward, ESI Africa will be hosting a water-focused webinar on Thursday, 8 March at 15h00 CEST, where a panel of industry experts will be discussing the way forward by means of temporary and permanent solutions, best practice and lessons learned.

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