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Session 28 Oct: Re-use, recycle and reclaim your wastewater

Thursday 28 October 2021

13h30 GMT | 14h30 London | 14h30 Lagos | 15h30 Johannesburg | 16h30 Nairobi 

Changing climate patterns and exploding urban environments in Africa’s fast-growing cities puts pressure on water utilities to expand and diversify water resource management. Water-reuse could be how South Africa addresses its projected water shortfall of 17% by 2030.   

Does anyone want your recycled water?  

Once a decision has been taken to actively reclaim wastewater within a given infrastructure, designing and planning the treatment plan raises all manner of questions. Does it start by investigating whether you have a willing off-taker for your reclaimed wastewater?

  • Speaker: by Dr Jo Burgess, Head of South Africa, Isle Utilities, South Africa

Changing public perceptions around water re-use  

Public preferences and acceptability of bringing re-used water back into the formal water infrastructure will determine buy-in from your customers. What can be done to change people’s attitudes towards water reuse? What are the benefits of early public engagement in the planning and design of your water reuse scheme?

  • Speaker: Dhevan Govender, Senior Commercial & Business Manager, Ethekwini Municipality, South Africa 

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Circular economy solutions for dealing with wastewater sludge    

Designing out waste pollution, keeping products and material in use and regenerating natural systems changes how you think about your water sector. But, what exactly can you do with the sludge left behind when you reclaim the H20?

  • Speaker: Rudi Botha, Senior Water Sector Analyst, GreenCape, South Africa 

Factors to consider when setting up a water re-use tariff  

Once you have designed your water re-use system, built it and persuaded the customer to use the water, you need a water tariff in place that will suit all parties concerned.  

  • Speaker: Tumelo Gopano, project packing executive, iX Engineers Engineering Consulting Firm South Africa
  • Speaker: Lelentle Motaung, interim executive manager: commercial business, Ekurhuleni Water Company, South Africa
Theresa Smith
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