*These papers are no longer live. Contact Sahra Heuwel to access these papers.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Providing buildings with practical knowledge on energy efficiency solution
Sarah Ward, Head: Energy & Climate Change, City of Cape Town, South Africa

Improving business efficiency by applying an Energy Management System as defined by ISO 50001
Denis van Es, General Manager, Carbon & Energy Africa ,South Africa

14:00 – 14:45
Achieving water savings with valve maintenance systems
Zillen Venter, CEO & Co- Founder, Razven Solutions, South Africa

15:00- 15:45
Flexible energy self-storage: Covering zero export to grid with IPhone/Android APP monitoring
Hilton Hunkin, Senior Application Engineer, SMA Solar Technology South Africa, SA

The silver bullet for successful large infrastructure implementation
Peter Macy, Vice President, CDM Smith, South Africa

Wednesday 13 May 2015                  

Facilitating water management with innovative pump technology
Christoffel Jacobus Munnick, Managing Director, Ritz Pumps, South Africa

Designing efficiency for retailers
David Leslie, Chief Operation Officer, UGU Engineering Solutions, South Africa

14:00 -14:45
Maximise return-on-energy investments through fuel cell solutions
Eric Strayer, Vice President Sales & Business Development, Doosan Fuel Cell America, USA

Green energy mobility initiatives: Achieving fuel savings, energy and carbon footprint reductions
Carel Snyman, Green Transport Senior Manager, SANEDI, South Africa

Adopting simple water reporting on smartphones or any old phone using the SeeSawSend system
David Schaub-Jones, Co-Founder, SeeSaw, South Africa

Thursday 14 May 2015    

Measuring benefits and opportunities: A Certified M&V workforce
Senior representative, Energy Training Foundation, South Africa

Cogeneration applications: CHP, hospitals, banks, markets and waste to energy plants
Francesco Savegnago, Engineering Manager, Marelli Motori SPA, Italy

Identifying the importance of monitoring water usage on industrial sites
Kevin Harding, Senior Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Building resilience with energy efficiency
Kim Kruyshaar, Managing Director, Green Audits Into Action, South Africa

High-efficiency low-emissions technology is the bridge to the energy generation future
•    Marcus Wiley P.E., Chairman, TCG Global, LLC, USA
•    Gary Williams, CEO, TCG Projects Ltd, USA

Treating municipal wastewater:  Nitrification and denitrification processes
•    Matome Hosea Modipane, Lecturer , University of Limpopo,  South Africa
•    Mothootsile Getrude Ramonyai, Lab Technician, University of Limpopo, South Africa