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EBARA Pumps Europe and Boreal Light team up on Kenyan water project

EBARA Pumps Europe (EPE), part of the Japanese multinational company EBARA, agreed on a sponsorship with Boreal Light to supply clean and safe drinking water in Kenya through WaterKiosk.

WaterKiosk is developed by Boreal Light, a Berlin-based company specialising in renewable energy solutions for water treatment facilities.

In accordance with EBARA’s long term E-Vision 2030, the company will contribute to creating a world with ample food and water, especially in the countries that will experience population increase and economic development. The company aims to provide water to six hundred million people in the world.

Supporting Boreal Light to supply water in Kenya, EBARA will accumulate knowledge on the water supply business in Africa.

Boreal Light in Kenya

The German company designs and manufactures affordable solar water desalination systems for off-grid communities around the globe.

Systems manufactured by Boreal Light are capable of delivering high-quality hygienic drinking, irrigation, fish farm and sanitation water from any type of high saline and polluted water resources.

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Solar water desalination system installed at 23 Kenyan hospitals

Through the partnership with EPE, the company will set up solar water desalination facilities including EPE’s pumps in Kenya starting in July.  

The project aims to supply clean and safe drinking water to a school for disabled children and to the local communities, located in Machakos, a small village not so far from Nairobi.

EBARA’s future plans

EBARA will identify the needs of each country and provide products and services from a market-in approach. Since the foundation in 1912, the group has contributed to solving social issues through its innovation and technologies.

The EBARA Group aims to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by tackling material issues identified in its long-term vision and implementing the medium-term management plan to increase corporate value.

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