Digital Energy Festival 5IR masterclass

Achieving 5IR by using business for good

Digital Energy Festival for Africa kicks off on an inspiring and optimistic note. Pratik Gauri, the President of the 5th Element Group, says the 5IR will assist in achieving several UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Digital Energy Festival update – Week 2 continues

The Digital Energy Festival takes you on a six-week journey into the African energy community with interactive sessions and unlimited networking.

Ed’s letter: Virtual engagements…seize the day!

The COVID-19 crisis has opened the ‘virtual’ door for productive engagements with power and energy experts from around the world.
Awarding excellence

African Power, Energy & Water Industry: Awarding excellence

The seventh edition of the awards honoured the most remarkable and inspiring energy projects and power pioneers on the continent.
municipal model

Is the SA municipal model still relevant?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the relevance of municipal services in supporting economic growth in South Africa.
water desalination

Water security from desalination: A story of technology innovation

While not all water desalination plants produce at the same efficiency levels, there are some incredibly positive examples of new technology.

Tackling Gabon’s future energy needs scientifically

To achieve climate agreements, and meet its growing energy demands, Gabon is approaching energy planning through a different process.
African Water Facility

Recommendations to improve the impact of African Water Facility

The Independent Development Evaluation of the AfDB reports that the Facility is one of the few actors in the water sector that intervenes at the continental level to support the preparation of projects.
waste management

Surprising results from waste management innovation

Innovative ways for municipalities to meet their sanitation and waste management obligations even where power or water are in short supply.
hydropower eco-friendly

Hydropower: The eco-friendly natural energy choice for Africa

To provide eco-friendly hydropower generation systems, Toshiba conducts research and development at its world-leading hydraulic research laboratory.

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