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The governments of Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger are on a search for consulting services for updating inventories and censuses in the right-of-way planned for lines and substations under the WAPP NorthCore Project.

Expressions of interest must be submitted in writing in French, in electronic form (PDF format) to the email address provided, no later than 20 June 2020 at 11h00am GMT + 1.

The services essentially include the inventory of individuals, communities and cultural goods or assets affected because they are located in the right-of-way of the line and posts.

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WAPP NorthCore Project

As part of this consultation, the NorthCore Project PMU intends to hire a national study office with relevant experience in similar studies.

The WAPP NorthCore Project invites eligible consulting firms to express their interest in providing the services.

Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the services.

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The pre-selection criteria for the WAPP NorthCore Project will be based on the general and specific experiences of the consultant defined as follows:

  • Experience in carrying out RAPs in general;
  • Experience in carrying out RAPs for similar projects;
  • Experience in using environmental & social policies and directives in the context of carrying out RAPs in projects financed by the World Bank or the African Development Bank;
  • Knowledge of the socio-economic and cultural dynamics of the population of the project area;
  • Experience in carrying out GIS in general and particularly demographic GIS and location of objects, as well as in handling and training on GIS.

Consultants can partner with other firms to form a joint venture to increase their chances of qualification, but must clearly indicate whether the association is a joint venture and/or a subcontractor.

In the case of a joint venture, all of the association’s partners are jointly and severally responsible for the entire performance of the contract if they are selected.

For more information on this tender, click here.

Alternatively, consultants can send their queries to this email address: procurement@wappnorthcore.org, with a copy to info@wappnorthcore.org