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During a storm event on Thursday 14 November, 2019 extreme winds hit the area just east of Manzini in South Africa.

The windstorm hit the Moses Hlophe-Helehele 132kV line approximately five towers away from Helehele Substation.

Three suspension towers of type ‘255 A’ collapsed when the wind hit the line. The towers collapsed transversally and there was no evidence of broken conductor. Between towers 42 and 43, the HV conductors landed on an under-crossing 11kV line, which was also damaged.

Picture of the damaged towers: BEFORE

Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC) appointed Trans-Africa Projects (TAP) for the full EPC line restoration solution for the Emergency Repair works to restore the line back to normal.

Line restoration project

The scope of work for TAP entails:

  1. Failure investigation.
  2. Design criteria and findings.
  3. Impact on the rest of the EEC grid.
  4. Detailed designs and repair recommendations.
  5. Construction of the Repair Works:
Damage to the line pictured above.

-Foundation installation.
-Tower Erection and Assembly.
-Stringing and Regulations.

6. Procurement, Fabrication and Delivery.
7. Project Management, Engineering support during construction and Construction Management.
8. Rehabilitation and Disposal.
9. Testing, Commissioning and Handover.

EEC appointed TAP for the full EPC line restoration solution

TAP has successfully completed its first EPC line project in Eswatini and is planning to expand their horizons into the EPC space providing clients with a one-stop Design and Construction Solution.

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Trans-Africa Projects (TAP) maintains a reputation of being a unique and specialist engineering house which provides engineering services of eminent quality.

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