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The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) announced that work on the Monrovia-Bomi Corridor/Liberia Accelerated Electricity Expansion Project-Additional Financing (LACEEP-AF) has resumed.

This follows after the issuance of the Environmental Social Impact Assessment Permit by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), reports the Daily Observer.

According to the LEC, the project was suspended last year, after the World Bank requested the conduct of the Environmental Social Impact Assessment survey.

The project entails construction of 66kV lines from Bushrod Island through Virginia to Kle; 66kV lines from Stockton Creek through Gardnersville to Paynesville; four new substations of 10 MVA each in Virginia, Kle, Stockton Creek, and Gardnersville; expand the substation in Bushrod Island and Paynesville; connect 33,000 new customers.

Monrovia-Bomi Corridor Project

Communities to benefit from the project include Double Bridge, Chicken Soup Factory, Johnsonville, LPRC, Shoe Factory, Supermarket, JJY, New Georgia/New Georgia Gulf, Chocolate City, Iron Factory, MKK, Topoe Village, Battery Factory, Day Break Mouth Open, Patience’s Shop, Dry Rice Market/Maryland Center, Tusa Field, Bend and Stop.

Others are Barnesville Old Field, Nyanford Town, Kebbah, Belwein Community, Gayedubo Town, Diggsville, Freeport Community, Caldwell, Doe Community, Bushrod Island, Virginia, Brewerville, Tubmanburg, Robertsport, Bo Waterside.

The public affairs and community outreach team of the LEC, during a town hall meeting in the township of Caldwell, informed residents of the resumption of the project and encouraged them to properly wire their homes in preparation for connections.