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Introducing an all-in-one test unit for motors

Megger has combined all of the functions frequently required for testing electric motors in a unique and innovative hand-held instrument, the MTR105 static motor analyser.

Weighing less than 1kg, the MTR105 tester provides facilities for a comprehensive range of insulation tests and for making four-wire low-resistance measurements.

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It also offers capacitance, inductance and temperature measurement, along with phase rotation checking and diode test features. Designed specifically to be fast and easy to use, the unit incorporates a graphical display, and all major functions selected with a single rotary dial.

The unit has an internal memory with the capacity to store 100 test results, which can either be recalled to the unit’s display or downloaded to a standard USB thumb drive.

The hand-held instrument offers insulation resistance testing at user-selectable voltages from 50V to 1,000V. Test voltages are stabilised, which ensures reliable results and eliminates the risk of over-voltage damage.

In addition to standard insulation tests, the MTR105 supports PI, DAR and timed tests, which can provide valuable extra information about insulation condition. As a further aid to accurate and reliable insulation testing, the instrument features a guard terminal that can be used to help eliminate the effects of surface leakage.

For low resistance testing, the MTR105 offers a single continuous range from 0.01 Ω to 1.0 MΩ for continuity measurement. It supports four-wire testing up to 10 Ω and has a bi-directional test option that automatically reverses the current without the need to reconnect the test leads. Users can select a test current of 20 mA or 200 mA.

A continuity buzzer function, with an adjustable threshold, is also provided. The unit is suitable for use in CAT III applications at supply voltages up to 600V and incorporates an extensive range of features to maximise user safety and to protect it against accidental damage.

These include live circuit detection and test inhibit features for insulation testing and continuity measurements, and default display of live circuit voltage on all ranges.

The detection and inhibit functions continue to operate even if the instrument’s internal protection fuse has failed. Featuring robust construction to ensure a long reliable service life, Megger’s new MTR105 static motor analyser has an almost indestructible weatherproof case with an IP54 ingress protection rating that includes the battery and fuse compartments.

A shock-absorbing rubber over-moulding provides further protection as  well as making the instrument easy to grip. As standard, the MTR105 is supplied complete with leads and a variety of clamps and probes for insulation testing, and with a Kelvin-clip lead set for use when making four-wire low-resistance measurement. ESI

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