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Integrating automated temperature alerts into dry-type transformers

Italy-based temperature control relay specialist TECSYSTEM has appointed dry-type transformer supplier Trafo Power Solutions as its distributor in sub-Saharan Africa.

TECSYSTEM develops and manufactures electronic and electromechanical devices for controlling the temperature on equipment such as transformers, motors, generators and variable speed drives.

The first micro-processor unit specifically meant to protect cast-resin transformers from temperature overload were developed in 1984, and the Italian company has kept up research and development to ensure reliability and compliance with the latest technical specifications and ratings.

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David Claassen, Trafo Power Solutions managing director, says they have been using TECSYSTEM temperature control relays for many years.

Trafo Power Solution uses TECSYSTEM control relays in all of its cast-resin transformers with heat sensors that link to a temperature control system. Claassen emphasised the importance of equipment being able to generate an automatic alert to any unusual temperature rise in a transformer.

The company does not consider a temperature control relay to be an optional extra for anyone needing a dry-type transformer. “We consider the control and protection requirements as an integral part of the overall scope of designing a transformer,” said Claassen.

To this end, Trafo Power Solutions designs a dedicated control and projection panel, which incorporates a TECSYSTEM relay – to suit a customer’s specific transformer requirements. Then the customer only needs to cable up the main supply, without having to deal with the complexity of linking up the control unit.

R&D continues for dry-type transformers

Trafo Power Solutions will also supply TECSYSTEM’s air-forced fan cooling systems for cast resin transformers –  these fans are installed on the transformer feet, in a set of three fans on each side of the transformer, directly under the windings.

“They are typically used for additional protection rather than continuous operation. The fans provide efficient and prompt cooling if and when the transformer temperature exceeds a pre-determined value,” explained Claassen.

The long relationship between the two companies has resulted in Trafo Power Solutions being able to test TECSYSTEM products before shipping to customers and pre-programme units according to planned applications.

The programming is done on a simulation desk able to replicate the conditions in which the relay will operate. The customer then only need follow a wiring diagram when installing the relay.

“We can also play a valuable remote trouble-shooting role for customers throughout Africa who need to update parameters in a relay, for instance. With our equipment and expertise, we can ‘mimic’ the unit on our side and then assist them over the phone,” explained Claassen.