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How to use NOJA Power’s CMS software package

Australian Switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power today announces the release of a video tutorial series covering their CMS Software package for managing and configuring settings files for the NOJA Power OSM Recloser system.

Used by utilities in 91 countries, the tutorial system provides a way for engineers and technicians to upskill and become power users of the application in the field.

Scoped to help all users of the platform, from beginners to power users, the tutorial series starts from the basics of creating device files and comparing settings, before covering all the features of this comprehensive Recloser settings management tool. For veteran users, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with the newly available functionality.

“Our CMS software package has been developed for more than a decade with new functionality added every year. Like most software packages most users only use a small percentage of the functionally available and this series of tutorial videos has been developed to expand our users knowledge of all of the functionality that is available so they get more from our CMS software product,” says NOJA Power group managing director Neil O’Sullivan.

Each video is around 5 minutes long covering a function of the system, and new videos will be added in support of capability releases. Join NOJA Power global marketing manager, Martin van der Linde on this tour of NOJA Power CMS.

Noja Power’s YouTube playlist called the ‘NOJA Power Ultimate How-To in Recloser Configuration’, will teach users how to do anything and everything in recloser configuration, from creating device a file to analysing log files. Access the playlist here

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NOJA Power’s vision is to be the world leader in medium-voltage outdoor switchgear. The company has moved towards achieving that vision with the installation of more than 50,000 NOJA Power OSM series Automatic Circuit Reclosers in over 87 countries worldwide. Since its inception, NOJA Power has fuelled growth by offering clients across the globe innovative, robust, safe and environmentally friendly products that offer years of reliable service. The products’ quality has been recognised through multiple awards across several years from Australian Government authorities and various international bodies such as the Latin America Business Council.