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Webinar recording: Grid at the edge of the storm

Utilities have made major investments in improving the outage response process by expanding beyond traditional OMS functions to a fully integrated ADMS, adding mobility and damage assessment. 

What if there was a way to accurately predict the impact of severe weather events on customers and network assets? By making data-driven decisions in advance of severe weather events, utilities can improve the mobilisation of resources to the affected areas.
Traditional approaches for T&D asset management include periodic visual inspections and the replacement of assets based on fixed cycles based on age. These processes are not necessarily efficient or optimal all the time, leading to system inefficiencies and costly O&M investments. Today, new technology, surveying methods, and AI-enabled data management solutions are available that can improve reliability, safety, costs, and service.
DERs are growing at a very fast pace. While bringing innovative electrification and energy efficiency services to end-users, they jeopardise every grid operation paradigm for utilities. Allowing more DERs to connect requires grid observability and controllability down to the lowest consumer level -where traditional SCADA communications are not affordable.

Listen to the recording to learn how to leverage these solutions to improve your operations and customer service.
Key Learnings:

  • Make accurate resourcing decisions ahead of anticipated weather events.
  • Avoid excessive overtime and unnecessary moving of resources.
  • Identify areas of risk to keep crews safe.
  • Improve reliability, safety, costs and service with new asset inspection solutions.
  • Requirements for effective DER communications down to Low Voltage.
  • How new internet-based communication protocols, such as IEEE 2030.5, allow affordable 2-way communication in a manner that fully respects the controllability contract between the grid and the DERs.


Sylvain Mandrau, Visual Intelligence Product Manager | GE Digital’s Grid Software

Hugh Avant, Principal Solution Expert | GE Digital’s Grid Software

Frédéric Wauquiez, Solution Director, REN/DER Orchestration |GE Digital’s Grid Software