This article reviews a network performance evaluation after Nigerian power utility Ikeja Electric deployed NOJA Power OSM Reclosers to stabilise and improve the distribution company’s network reliability.

Auto-reclosing circuit breakers have a remarkable capability to improve SAIDI and SAIFI figures, and engineering firm NOJA Power congratulates Nigerian utility Ikeja Electric on its notable network reliability improvements through the deployment of its first smart grid using NOJA Power OSM Reclosers.

This article first appeared in ESI Africa Issue 3-2019.
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After a successful pilot on the Akute 33kV feeder, Ikeja Electric has continued the rollout of the project, providing reliability improvements that will power homes and businesses in the region.

“The radial nature of feeders in our network makes it difficult to discriminate healthy portion from unhealthy portion when a fault occurs. This leads to frequent feeder tripping, high ATC&C losses and lack of flexibility,” reports Joseph Echebi from the operations and maintenance technical services team at Ikeja Electric.

“Installation of line mounted auto recloser technology is one of the technological innovations identified by the business for improved distribution network reliability and market efficiency. Auto reclosers will bring tremendous commercial and technical benefits to the business, which culminates in a sustainable improvement in revenue.”

The improved performance of the network has been astounding for the region. Echebi adds: “A successful pilot installation of this technology was done in July 2018 on the Akute 33kV feeder. The installation of the recloser was at the midpoint of the feeder. After the installation, the mean time to repair (MTTR) for transient faults improved from 16 hours to less than a minute (15 to 55 seconds depending on the number of shots).

Also, permanent faults on the portion of the circuit after the recloser are efficiently isolated, without tripping the entire 17km feeder length with an average load of 9MW. We also use the recloser to carry out planned loadshedding for effective, seamless load management. This load management is done remotely from our headquarters using the GSM communication feature of the [NOJA Power] RC15.”

Following the success of the pilot, two more were successfully installed on the Ijede 33kV feeder in September 2018. These installations have significantly improved operational efficiency and load management in those locations. “It is great to see our product making a difference in Nigeria, and I would also like to congratulate Joseph Echebi and his team,” says NOJA Power Group managing director Neil O’Sullivan. “Joseph is applying his factory training knowledge to our products to make a real difference in the electricity network of Nigeria.”

With these installations, Ikeja Electric and Nigeria join the list of 88 nations with NOJA Power OSM Reclosers in service. These devices are issued with functionality to handle the adoption of renewable energy around the world as standard – enabling safe, green and reliable energy for their full 30-year service life. With a mission to ‘Empower the World’, NOJA Power is committed to developing technology enabling safe and reliable electricity for humankind. The OSM Recloser product is the culmination of decades of experience in the smart grid industry, providing the ideal starting point for smart grid technology deployment and network reliability improvement. ESI

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