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Behind the scenes, there is more involved to electricity provision than one can imagine, from energy being generated to the final stage of distribution.

ESI Africa sat with Wiseman Musekiwa and Dr Amesh Singh from Eskom Rotek Industries (ERI) to discuss the role of condition monitoring and transportation in the energy market.

Eskom Rotek Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eskom Holdings, which has been established to provide construction, maintenance and transportation services in support of the power utility’s operations.

What’s new in the market of condition monitoring

Accodring to Singh, ERI makes use of a lot of condition assessment techniques and as such have developed new techniques. “We’ve developed an advancement in sensitivity testing, which gives us the ability to develop thermal mapping of the surface of a generator rotor.”

Singh also highlighted that ERI has developed technology that they are able to use to the benefit of their customers.

The quest is to remain relevant in the market and Singh explains that in the next ten years condition monitoring will be more knowledge-based. “Condition monitoring systems will be able to tell you what’s wrong; you wouldn’t need much human intervention,” he said.

Logistics and transport

Musekiwa emphasises that with any kind of business, transportation is critial in any economy. “Within the energy sector we are moving all types of abnormal equipment. We are also in mining and construction so anyone within that industry will find us as a valuable partner in assisting with transportation needs,” he stated.

Responding to a question about the work that Rotex is involved in outside of South Africa, Musekiwa said: “Outside of South Africa we’ve done a couple of projects with EDM from Mozambique, currently we are working with the Botswana utility and looking to expand to Uganda.”

Requirements from companies needing transportation

When commissioning work from ERI, companies need to provide the size of the load (being the height, width and weight), explains Musekiwa: “this will assist us to determine what sort of equipment to utilise for the specific project.”

Will electric vehicles enter your market

“I foresee it happening, the environment is changing, new technologies are becoming acceptable and everyone is moving towards green,” said an optimistic Musekiwa.

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