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Clean-cut strategy captures new markets

Having surpassed its previous records, Elsewedy Electric, an Egyptian-based company, turns its focus to digitalisation and technology advancements to prime the company to enter new regions and to stay ahead of market trends.

Elsewedy Electric is considered one of the world’s top electrification companies, operating globally in five continents. This position is the result of always being responsive to the market’s needs. Thus, in order to increase its leadership in the market, the company is reintroducing its operations to be divided into five clean-cut sectors giving a valuable weight to digitalisation and technology trends.

This article first appeared in ESI-Africa Edition 1, 2019. The full article will be published on 7 May. You can read the magazine’s articles here or subscribe here to receive a print copy.

About the company

The Elsewedy Electric group operates nationally and internationally in five sectors: 1) Industry sector: wires and cables, transformers and electrical products; 2) Engineering and contracting sector: power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, renewable energy (solar, wind and hydropower), civil construction and infrastructure, water solutions (treatment and desalination) and oil and gas; 3) Technology sector: data centres, smart city and artificial intelligence, cloud, big data analytics, blockchain solutions and smart energy management; 4) Investment sector: independent power plant (IPP) and utilities management, 5) Industrial development sector: Logistics and industrial development.


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