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Cargill set to produce natural ester fluid for SA electrical grid

Cargill Bioindustrial South Africa announced that its natural ester fluid production line in Isando, Gauteng is complete, following the recent approval of the Eskom tender.

Cargill will be the only local producer to own and manage the production of biodegradable, natural ester fluid, called FR3, replacing traditional petroleum-based mineral oil used for the electrical grid.

Natural ester fluids, such as FR3 fluid, result in improved fire safety, a longer insulation life expectancy for the transformer and increased load capacity.

Made from 100 per cent renewable vegetable oil, FR3 has numerous environmental benefits as it is non-toxic, non-hazardous in water and soil and it can bio-degrade in less than 28 days.

Valdir Baraldi, Country Manager for Cargill’s Bioindustrial Group in South Africa holds two bottles – one of renewable-based FR3 natural ester fluid and a bottle of soybeans, the base feedstock for the oil locally sourced for this engineered transformer fluid.

Valdir Baraldi, country manager for Cargill’s Bioindustrial group in South Africa, commented: “Eskom’s tender approval to replace mineral oil in transformers with fire-safe and biodegradable natural ester fluid for the electrical grid is a great move towards safety and sustainability for all South Africans. Wherever there is a reliance on electrical transformers, safe and sustainable natural ester fluid will positively impact homes, work, industrial and mining environments.”

“We look forward to delivering on the commitment we made five years ago to supply a local product that adheres to international quality standards and provides an environmentally sound product for South Africa’s electrical grid,” he added.

In collaboration with local oil manufacturers, Cargill will manage the value chain from the supply of locally produced oil to the production of FR3 fluid.

As the global leader and manufacturer in the production, supply and production of FR3, Cargill brings over 25 years of technological expertise and research, having installed millions of transformers worldwide. Cargill has commenced building a natural ester plant in Southern China, to meet the growing demand for high-performing, sustainable solutions around the world.


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About Cargill’s Bioindustrial business

The Cargill Bioindustrial business recognises the increasing commercial and consumer demand for renewable and sustainable products along with answering the regulatory need to eliminate toxic and unsafe products. With the increasing viability of bio-based alternatives, Cargill leverages more than 60 years’ experience in agriculture-based chemistry for industrial applications.  This enables them to provide their customers with a more sustainable solution over fossil-based alternatives.  www.FR3Fluid.com

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