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Qualified bidders are invited for rural electrification works of the Axis Nkongkwalla-log Ndockndogbatogue I – Ndogbatogue Ii-baya Log Ntomb, Nyanon Community, Sanaga-maritime Department, Littoral Region (Phase 1).

Preparatory work includes:

  • MT mono network from Nkongkwalla
  • MT / LV network mono Ndogbatougue 1
  • Monophase transformer 25 KVA Ndogbatougue 1
  • LV network 4 X 25 mm 2 ALU

The maximum execution period provided by the successful bidder for the completion of the works is three calendar months. This period runs from the date of notification of the Start-up Service Order or the date indicated in the service order.

Tender details

Participation in this invitation to tender is open to all companies or companies under Cameroon law with a good character and justifying financial and technical capacities in the field of electrification, the extension of single-phase MV and LV networks or three-phase transformer stations, single-phase or three-phase MV / LV transformer stations and small decentralised systems.

The works, subject of this invitation to tender, are financed by the Public Investment Budget, Fiscal Year 2018.

Bidding documents can be obtained during working hours at the Infrastructure Markets Department of the Regional Delegation of Public Markets Coast, BP 2009 Douala, located at the building of the Sub-prefecture of Douala ter in BONANJO.

Tel: 233 42 79 37/233 42 79 13 J 233 42 79 26,

Email drminmaplt@yahoo.fr

Please note that tender documents are only available upon payment of a non-refundable sum of CFA 70,000 ($132) payable to the General Treasury of Douala or the Municipality of Nyanon.


Each offer, written in French or in English in seven copies of which one original and six copies marked as such, must be sent against receipt to the Secretariat of the Regional Delegation of Public Markets Coast, BP 2009,or emailed to drminmaplt@yahoo.fr or drmin_mapit@yahoo.fr no later than 06 April 2018 at 12:00pm.

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