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Brazilian utility enters 2nd phase of grid modernisation initiative

In Brazil, utility RGE Sul is expanding the rollout of an IoT network supplied by Itron in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Expanding the GenX network canopy to commercial and industrial customers will help RGE Sul to automate grid management processes to improve its operational efficiency.

The project will help RGE Sul to improve the quality of service by quickly and effectively managing outage and restoration of services.

In addition to the network canopy, Itron will build a future infrastructure for the utility to deploy distribution automation capabilities.

The utility, service provider to 3.6 million customers, has previously partnered with Itron to complete the rollout of GenX infrastructure for parent company CPFL.

The GenX projects have been deployed as part of efforts to improve grid reliability, speed up response time, optimise on-site operations and protect group revenues.

The first phase of the project included rollout of the network for customers in the state of Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.

“This project is the second phase of our RF Mesh infrastructure modernisation initiative, which is already providing benefits to our customers,” said Caius Malagoli, engineering director at CPFL Energia.

“By expanding smart grid capabilities to C&I customers in the area previously named as RGE Sul, CPFL will ensure process standardisation and quality of service for all customers.”

Watch the video below with Itron CEO Phil Mezey who joined our sister platform Smart Energy International at DistribuTECH 2019. He gave his insight on the trends affecting the utility sector, such as climate change, grid safety and resilience, federal regulation, and the impact of these in the decade ahead.

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