BradyPrinter A5500
BradyPrinter A5500

Experienced operators can print and manually apply a flag label on a cable in 15 seconds.

With the new BradyPrinter A5500 Flag Printer Applicator operators can significantly increase production output by flagging cables in five seconds.

Increase production output and save money

The BradyPrinter A5500 helps increase production output and enhance identification quality by automatically printing and applying flag labels. It can save quite a lot of money by identifying cables in five seconds and by eliminating the need to print labels in advance and the time needed to apply them by hand.

The innovative printer enables 300 dpi prints for barcodes, logos and diagrams, and applies reliable cable flags that can communicate a lot of information.

A wide range of cables

The BradyPrinter A5500 is very flexible and, without any adjustment, can identify cables with 1.52mm up to 15.24mm in diameter and apply labels with widths up to 50.8mm and lengths between 19.05mm and 76.20mm.

Its full-colour touch screen and modern user interface further enhance the printer’s flexibility and ease of use.

Easy to implement

USB-ports and ethernet connectivity make the BradyPrinter A5500 practical to implement in a variety of production environments. Coupled with Brady Workstation apps for easy flag label design, barcoding and serialisation, the BradyPrinter A5500 becomes a highly practical process efficiency increaser.

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