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Ed’s note: The new heyday for coal in the energy transition

Sometimes referred to as black gold, coal dominates power markets globally but can it survive an energy transition and disinvestment?
Eskom outlook for 2021 Ted Blom

Ted Blom on Eskom outlook: 2021 will be worst year ever

“Based on the above Eskom scenarios,” says Ted Blom, “the likelihood of level 6 loadshedding appears >50%, and in worst case scenarios, even level 8 loadshedding appears very likely to be achieved intermittently."

Dry-type transformers ensure safety at LNG camp in Mozambique

Dry-type transformers supplied by specialist company Trafo Power Solutions are ensuring the safe and reliable operation of substations in a construction camp at a LNG project in Mozambique.
grid electricity

India to upgrade rural power distribution networks

The government of India has secured a $300 million loan to upgrade rural power distribution networks in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
Eskom wins case to cut electricity supply to non-paying customers

Nigeria: Confusion about the latest electricity tariffs increase

NERC confirms that the tariff has been increased but it explains that prices have not been hiked by 50% as stated by media sources.

Top five trends accelerating industry convergence in renewable energy

The potential for increasing renewable energy demand, combined with the electrification of transportation and oil and gas companies’ increased participation in the electricity value chain, is accelerating industry convergence.
madagascar afdb

Madagascar secures $43m AfDB loan for 2nd phase of power transmission...

AfDB has approved a loan of $42.9m to finance the second phase of a major power transmission and interconnection project in Madagascar.
municipal model

Is the SA municipal model still relevant?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the relevance of municipal services in supporting economic growth in South Africa.
Is grid modernisation success hidden in data analytics?

Is grid modernisation success hidden in data analytics?

Big data analytics continues to be a top deployment priority for businesses as its use will help them remain competitive while accelerating innovation.
network resilience

How to enable network resilience

Catastrophic events exacerbate the challenge of networks being prone to failures, making it vital for utilities to strive for network resilience.

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