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Podcast: Women in Energy: interview with Isabel Fick

The role of women in the energy sector is not to be underestimated, nor is their contribution to multi-million-dollar utilities across Africa....
DLO Resources Conco

DLO Resources acquires Conco Energy Solutions, boosts female leadership

Conco Energy Solutions has been acquired by a 100% black-owned company with a 51% female majority shareholding held by Linda Mabhena-Olagunju, the founder and CEO of DLO Resources Group.
geothermal megawatts

Geothermal steaming megawatts taking shape in Tanzania

The pragmatic solution to all of our energy shortcomings hinges on the optimal integration of megawatts from all the existing sustainable energy generation technologies.
100MW threshold

Op-ed: South Africa’s 100MW threshold has rhinos in the room

Discussion around the 100MW threshold predominately centres on whether private producers should be allowed into the market, as if it is merely a market-share issue. But there is much more to the story than is being revealed.
Gauteng electricity

Gauteng suburbs identified for Eskom electricity asset replacement

Eskom has committed to replacing its ailing infrastructure in Gauteng after experiencing an increased number of pole-mounted transformers and mini-substations that fail due to network overload.

Tender: Supply and delivery of LV metering current transformer

A tender from the Bitou Municipality in the Western Cape, South Africa invites quotations for the supply and delivery of low voltage metering current transformers.
strategies planning

Ed’s note: View of the energy mix depends on which report...

How then do you plan against possible threats and ready your organisation or department for potential opportunities or obstacles?

Webinar 24 August: The just energy transition and the wider energy...

The panel will address various interventions for ensuring the justness of the energy transition and how regions can share lessons that utilities can apply within their environments.
electricity trade

Electricity trade, agriculture attract development bank grants

Development banks have identified electricity trade between Ethiopia and Djibouti and the agricultural market as key economic drivers with the AfDB signing $118 million in grant agreements.
wheeling electricity

Webinar 15 September: Market review on wheeling and electricity trading in...

What impact does South Africa's increased self-generation threshold have on wheeling electricity within the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP)?

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