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Perfecting the Next Generation Utility Platform

At Oracle Utilities, innovation fuels our future. We’ve been hard at work expanding and redefining the utility platform from operations to the consumer.

Today, we combine deep industry expertise and end-to-end utility solutions with the most powerful customer engagement platform on the market—supported by an intelligent service network, deeper data analytics and more flexible cloud services. In fact, we’re here to make that cloud transition seamless for each and every one of our utility customers.

We’ve been heralding the coming of our industry’s digital transformation for years, and now it’s here.

To move forward and conquer this changing market, though, you need a partner on the forefront of that transition, a trusted advisor who offers a market-leading solutions platform for your complete business.

We continue to develop and deploy leading-edge analytics, woven into our solutions, to help you get smarter and faster insight.

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Oracle Utilities delivers proven applications, on-premise or in the cloud, so electric, gas and water utilities worldwide achieve performance excellence. Our customer, network, work and asset, mobile workforce, meter data, analytics and project management solutions integrate with Oracle’s leading enterprise applications, BI tools, middleware, database technologies, servers and storage. We are the largest provider of cloud services in the industry, serving the utility value chain from the grid to the meter to end customer. Our software enables customers to adapt more nimbly to market deregulation, meet ever-evolving customer demands, and deliver on environmental conservation commitments.