A business case for distributed dispatchable generating units

The rapid adoption of renewable resources calls for the need of dispatchable generation resources to maintain the stability of the grid.
Energy Storage

Kibo Energy secures land for energy storage projects in Mozambique

Kibo Energy announced that it has successfully acquired additional land adjoining the thermal Benga Power Plant project in Mozambique.
informal settlements

Urbanisation is remaking Africa

African cities are estimated to house just more than 1.2 billion people at the moment and will experience a 4% annual growth rate.
trade pact

Trading up in Africa!

The French and Taiwanese country pavilions are amongst several international exhibitions at this year's African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in November.
Distributed PV

The big question: The future skyline of energy generation in cities

The Big Question we asked the experts is: What are Africa's cities and metros doing to encourage the uptake of distributed energy resources?

What’s all the rave about advanced metering infrastructure?

Advanced metering infrastructure is considered to be a key element of grid modernisation, taking the power and energy industry to new heights.
grid architecture

Laying the foundation for next-gen grid architecture

Grid architecture is a top-down approach to understanding and documenting the complex structures and interdependencies of electric power systems.

Utility transformation: Benchmarking revenue intelligence

Non-technical losses affect utilities of all types and sizes globally, therefore, utilities must constantly adapt their revenue protection practices.

The insecurity of things as cyber-attacks impact the real world

As Africa’s utilities increase their online engagement with customers, the topic of cyber crime must now be broached.

UJ engineers design open-source ventilators to combat COVID-19

Engineers from the University of Johannesburg have taken an innovative approach to the provision of ventilators in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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