Oracle Utilities loss prevention solutions


Oracle Utilities offers electric, gas and water utilities a complete solution to identify, understand and reduce revenue loss from both technical and non-technical sources.

Our industry-leading metering, customer and analytics solutions enable utilities to gain visibility into meter-to-cash operations, leverage data to identify and understand losses, then efficiently take action to remedy losses and enhance customer engagement.

Be the utility customers love

Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service gives utilities unparalleled visibility across meter-to-cash-to-customer operations by bringing together our industry leading CIS and MDM solutions with device management, service orders, smart grid connectors and analytics—delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model on the world-class Oracle Cloud. As a unified solution running on a shared database and architecture, Customer Cloud Service is the perfect foundation for building a loss prevention strategy, connecting data, gaining insights and resolving revenue losses across meter-to-cash-to-customer operations. Loss Prevention capabilities include:

  • Shared database connects the dots across meter, customer and device data
  • Maintain data consistency and accuracy throughout all meter-to-cash operations
  • Automate detection processes to improve efficiency and reduce false leads
  • Monitor meter performance, optimize data and proactively resolve anomalies
  • Reconcile theft consumption for billing to catch losses before they expand
  • Actionable insights through preconfigured dashboards and KPIs
  • Aggregate consumption data and calculate billing determinants automatically, from simple to complex rate structures

Leverage data to identify and understand loss

Oracle Utilities gives utilities a multi-level approach identifying and understanding loss. At the core of that approach is the robust meter solution, which is AMI-ready, supports customer and distribution operations, and leverages the full power of meter data to identify errors or anomalies and ensure billing performance, even as AMI programs expand.

  • Effectively manage massive data sets from multiple sources, even as volumes of data expand
  • Manage data from meters, grid sensors, and systems to ID faulty equipment
  • Manage AMI water/gas leak events or non-typical energy flow for premises and network locations
  • Compare usage against historical trends and customer profiles to identify high usage and leaks
  • Leverage usage and event data to detect, size, and prioritize repairs for leaks

Beyond these core metering capabilities, Oracle Utilities Analytics Visualization embedded in the solution makes it easy to identify outliers from normal usage patterns and then capture those accounts for corrective action. Going further, Oracle Utilities Analytics Insights is a cloud-based analytics solution built specifically for utilities to maximize the value of operational data. Included in this solution are modules specific to technical loss and theft detection, including among others: Meter Failure Detection, Theft and Loss Detection-Meter Level, Theft and Loss Detection-Grid Level.

Efficiently take action while enhancing customer engagement

Once loss issues have been identified, Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service can help utilities efficiently address loss issues while also enhancing its relationship to the customer. For technical losses related to infrastructure, Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service automates field service requests, passing relevant device and premises data to field teams before trucks deploy.

Customers can be pro-actively and automatically notified about fieldwork or account corrections long before an incorrect high-bill leads to a difficult call centre conversation. For losses due to theft, the system supports a variety of tools that help utilities align all customers to the right service options, including assistance programs, prepayment, payment arrangements, autopay, levelized billing, complex tariffs and more. The result is a safer, more visible and better-engaged customer.

Key Features:

  • Data capture from multiple sources
  • Pre-built integration with head-end and AMI systems
  • Automated VEE processes
  • Embedded, pre-built analytics tools and dashboards
  • Single interface for all meter- to-cash core applications
  • Cloud deployment and implementation accelerators for electric, water and gas utilities

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlines data capture and management
  • Aids in theft detection and prevention
  • Eliminates the need for manual data collection, management, and sharing
  • Improves data consistency and accuracy across systems
  • Optimizes performance throughout meter to cash operations
  • Supports grid modernization initiatives including smart meter programs
  • Arms utilities with the latest meter data capabilities

Solution Components:

  • Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service, which includes:
  • Customer care management
  • Billing & collections
  • Rate management
  • Meter data management
  • Data archiving
  • Smart device management
  • Service order management
  • Smart Grid integration
  • Data analysis visualization
  • Oracle Utilities Digital Self Service
  • Oracle Utilities Analytics Insights

Available Modules:

  • Meter Failure Detection
  • Theft & Loss Detection, Meter Level
  • Theft & Loss Detection, Grid Level
  • Distribution Transformer Failure Prediction
  • Electric Service to Transformer Connectivity Mapping
  • Meter Deployment Tracking
  • Exception Prioritization