ABB to showcase its EV charging system at Smarter Mobility Africa
ABB to showcase its EV charging infrastructure at Smarter Mobility Africa.

“We will see a marked shift, where everything is connected electrically, and shared mobility becomes the norm,” states states Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s global e-mobility.

International automation company ABB will be showcasing its electric EV charging capability and expertise in the run-up to the Smarter Mobility Africa Live virtual summit from 27 to 29 October.

The event brings together mobility thought leaders from business and government to consolidate efforts and accelerate the transition to electric and smart mobility. The virtual summit will highlight currently available and future mobility solutions, including the latest technologies, policies, case studies, business models and the impact on health and the environment, to ensure that the correct decisions can be made to usher in the world of e-mobility.

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“As we transition towards e-mobility, fleet management will improve and we will see less traffic through a higher degree of car sharing, which will help to build our sustainable world,” states Muehlon.

EV charging market

A decade ago the concept of autonomous driving and fully electric vehicle (EV) fleets was very much a vision.

ABB entered the EV charging market in 2010 when it launched its DC charger. Now more than 14,000 ABB DC fast chargers are sold across more than 80 countries, from Peru to Rwanda. The company declares to being a global market leader in e-mobility charging solutions, with a strong market share in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US.

In 2013 it was the first company to develop networks of 50kW chargers, spanning complete nations, according to the company statement. This was paired with a unique cloud-based service for remote monitoring and servicing of chargers, which was a real game changer for connectivity and now forms part of the ABB Ability ecosystem.

More recently, in 2018 ABB was first-to-market with its liquid-cooled full 350kW capable charging technology, which delivers higher power and charging speeds. Early 2020 saw the acquisition of Chinese EV charging provider Chargedot, giving ABB a stronger entry into the largest e-mobility market in the world and broadening its portfolio of DC and AC fast charging.

“Over recent years we have seen a marked shift in consumer perceptions, with the environment having a greater value than it has ever had before. People want to live in a cleaner, less noisy and less polluted environment and are willing to take steps to make this happen. This is where EV comes into its own. It will continue to drive increasing demand for EVs compared with traditional combustion engines, together with a demand for longer-range and higher-power charging through larger battery sizes,” highlights Muehlon.

ABB offers a total EV charging solution from compact, high-quality AC wallboxes and reliable DC fast-charging stations with robust connectivity to innovative on-demand electric bus-charging systems, with infrastructure solutions that meet the needs of the next generation of smarter mobility.

The AC charger portfolio ranges from 3.7kW to 22kW, while the DC charger portfolio ranges from 20kW to 350kW for light commercial vehicles and up to 600kW for heavy vehicles such as buses. The ABB chargers are multi-standard to cater for the different types of vehicles using its charging stations. ABB’s main product line is its terra 50 range of 50kW DC chargers. Latest product launches include the Terra 124 and Terra 184, a 120kW and 180kW DC charger respectively. This is based on market requirements and is anticipated to set a new benchmark for urban mobility.